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Jul 14, 2020

COVID-19 testing

COVID-19 testing

Together, we fight the virus - Covid-19 Testing

Consider the outbreak of Covid-19 cases worldwide; many of us have become more aware of our health conditions. However, with the overwhelming information and unclear details on testing options or procedures, it may become one of the hesitations for many in taking the Covid-19 screening test. To help to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and minimise the risk of community transmission, Marina Medical now provides deep-throat saliva, nasopharyngeal and blood test for Covid-19 screening.


“Early testing and detection are very important”


Why is testing for Covid-19 important?

As some people infected with COVID-19 only have mild symptoms or none at all, we advised individuals to seek medical advice promptly when feeling unwell (even if having very mild symptoms only).  Appropriate diagnosis and management can then be given at the earliest possible time.


Who would need the Covid-19 testing?

Early testing and detection are important, especially for individuals who:


Besides suspected cases, who else would consider taking the test?

Individuals who:

  • need to provide medical documentation for travel, work or school
  • are asymptomatic but would like to do Covid-19 testing


What are the procedures for the testing?


 MarinaMedical_doctor consultation.png MarinaMedical_Covid-19 testing.png

1. Contact us to arrange 

a consultation with our doctor

2. Collect specimen

       -For the deep-throat saliva test done at home, please watch the video demonstration on how to collect deep throat saliva 

      -For a blood test, it can be either done at the clinic or at a private designated lab based on patient’s availability

      -For a nasopharyngeal test, it is to be conducted by our doctor in the clinic


 MarinaMedical_Covid-19 testing_return specimen.png  MarinaMedical_Covid-19 testing_result.png

3. Return the specimen*

(Deep throat saliva test applicable)

*Please check with our staff on the details of returning the specimen. For specimen returning to the Department of Health, please click here for the list of collection points.

4. Test results available in 2-3 days

(from the submission date of the sample)



If you have any concerns or further questions regarding the implications or logistics of the Covid-19 test, please contact us.



What happened if my test is positive?   

If the test result aligns with the reporting criteria as required by the authority, we will notify the patient immediately and file the cases with the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) according to the official guidelines as stipulated by the government. CHP will then contact you for appropriate follow-up.


What are the test options for Covid-19?

Currently, we are offering the following test for COVID-19: Nasopharyngeal swab, deep-throat saliva, and blood test.


If you have any concerns or further questions regarding the implications or logistics of the Covid-19 test, please contact us.

COVID-19 Preventive Measures
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